When Your Dog Can’t Tag Along

It inevitably happens to every pet owner. You are going away on a trip and now you need someone to take care of your dog. So what do you do? There are a few options that you can take advantage of. Ask your Houston vet for the best guidance.


You can take your dog to a professional boarder for as long as you need. This is doubtless the most costly option, but in a bind it can be the only choice you have. For good places to board your dog, ask your Houston vet.

House Sitting

It can be beneficial to get a friend or family member to stay at your house while you’re away. It’s a decent tradeoff and often will be cheaper than the boarding option. Furthermore, there will still be someone to keep your dog company and make sure everything’s ok. Ask your Houston vet for more.

Checking in

You can also have a friend “look in” on your dog. This is a little more tricky for inside dogs, as they regularly need to be let out for the bathroom. Check with your vet west Houston¬†for advice.

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