Dog Park Etiquette

There are few things as exciting as a day at the dog park with your canine companion! Dog parks are like enormous back yards, full of different sights, smells, and new friends all around. They’re wonderful for more urban areas where people might not have a yard at all, much less one big enough for Wags to play. They also provide a great opportunity for their suburban counterparts to come out and meet all sorts of new friends.

It’s great to watch your dog interact with others and meet new dogs as they create their own little packs for playing. There are, however, some very important things to keep in mind when in a dog park. Everyone has a lot more fun when you get along!

  1. Only use the appropriate pen.

In some dog parks, there is a separate area for big dogs and small dogs. If your dog is medium sized or bigger, take it into the “bigger dog” side. The last thing anyone wants is for a smaller dog to feel intimidated and someone get hurt. The divisions, when they exist, are there to make sure that our furry family members play safely.

  1. Feed your own dog.

All of our pets have different needs. It might be tempting to offer a friendly dog some of the treats you brought for your own, but you should get the owner’s permission first. You never know when you might be encouraging a behavior that another owner is trying to put a stop to, or if the food or treat that you’re giving your own dog might be problematic for another. Respect other pets as you would like other people to respect yours.

  1. Train at home first.

We all love our four-legged family members, but if your dog needs further socialization, make sure that they get it at home before taking them to the dog park – maybe arranging a few play dates with a neighbor first. No one wants either a timid or an aggressive pet to cause a problem. Don’t worry, when they’re ready, it will be much more fun!

Dog parks are a great place to get much needed socialization for many pets. Treat other owners and other dogs as you would like yourself and your own dog to be treated and it will be a wonderful experience for everyone!

If you would like to know more about socializing your pets and live in the Farmington Hills area, visit the animal hospital Farmington Hills for more information.

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