Dog Traits and What They Mean

All dog owners know about the peculiar habits of their beloved pets. Anything from a funny bark to how they walk and everything in between, these traits are commonly the more endearing ones. We’re going to discuss a few of them and talk about what they mean. For the best, check with your Calabasas vet.

Wet Nose

Dogs’ noses are wet because they are actively taking in scents. Your dog can tell so many things from scent that humans are incapable of detecting. Sometimes, your dog’s nose will be dry, but that doesn’t always mean she’s sick. Check with your Calabasas vet for more.

Kicking in Sleep

If you’ve ever seen your dog move around, growl, paw into the air, or a number of other similar things, fear not – they’re simply dreaming! Dog dreams can be very involving and they tend to move around a little bit when asleep. Check with your Calabasas vet for more about this.

Chasing Own Tail

This is one characteristic for which you might want to take your dog to your Animal hospital Calabasas, CA. This is because it can be indicative of a mental health problem.

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