Dogs and Us

Did you know that there is an extensive connection between canines and humans? Indeed, without our dog companions, we might never have become what we are today. For more information on pet care, check with your East Greenwich vet.


In the beginning, there were very few species of dogs in the world. In fact, they all began as gray wolves. Steadily, humans would provide the wolves and eventually the dogs with a consistent source of food and dogs help to provide security and helped with the hunting. For more information on taking care of your dog, check with East Greenwich vet.

Throughout the years, humans have heavily influenced the microevolution of dogs. Some were bred for hunting, some were bred show. Interestingly enough, in tracing the development of dogs as a species, the more compatible with humans they became, the more floppy their ears got and the more common they would bark. If you need to know more for pet care ask your East Greenwich vet.
Now, it’s obvious, dogs and people are truly interconnected. To this day, they provide companionship and love. For more information check, with your East Greenwich vet.


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