Don’t Believe Animal-Shelter Myths

Thanks in large part to the nature of the work they do, animal shelters can sometimes be misunderstood. Here, your Portland, OR vet tells you about three common animal-shelter myths and sets the record straight.

Shelter Pets Are Old

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that shelters only have old, unwanted pets. The truth is, pets of all ages—puppies and kittens, middle-aged animals, and elderly pets—find themselves in shelters. No matter what age of pet you desire, you’re likely to find it in a shelter.

Shelters Are Dirty

Any shelter that is up to code isn’t dirty—sanitation and cleanliness is absolutely essential to prevent the spread of parasites, disease, and infection. In addition, the pets housed in shelters are cleaned, trimmed, and clipped upon arrival.

Shelters Only Have Mutts

Think you can only find mixed-breed pets in shelters? Think again! There are all sorts of pet breeds in shelters, including purebreds. If you and your family have your hearts set on a particular breed of dog or cat, check out your local shelters first.

Are you planning on saving a life by adopting a pet soon? Talk to your veterinarian Portland, OR about shelters in your area.

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