Elderly Cats and Behavior

All pet owners know that one day, their pet will grow old. There are a host of different things that can happen as cats age. Because the lifespan of individual cats can be over 20 years in some cases, it’s important to observe the behavior of your cat to help ascertain whether it’s getting to its more senior years. Always check with your Houston vet for more details.


Sometimes, older cats will start doing things like eliminating outside of the litter box or have trouble recognizing familiar people or objects.


Is your cat getting visibly confused, looking for things that it used to be able to find without a problem? Navigating your house troublesome? Check with your Houston vet for more information on disorientation.


Many older cats will simply stop caring about things that used to excite them. An overall significant decrease in its physical activity is a big sign. Ask your Houston vet.

Whereas any of these factors could indicate ailing health, any combination of them means that you should probably address the topic elderly felines with your Houston vet.


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