Excessive Shedding in Dogs

Most of our canine companions shed naturally; it’s simply a part of dog life! With that being said, sometimes shedding can get excessive. Here, your Plano, TX veterinarian tells you what to do.

Groom Regularly

Brush your dog daily or every other day—you’ll be amazed at the difference. Not only does brushing trap loose hair in the brush itself, thereby preventing it from winding up all over your home, it spreads essential skin oils through the coat. This moisturizes fur and reduces shedding initially.

Switch the Diet

Your dog’s diet has a lot to do with how his coat of fur appears and how much he sheds. If your dog isn’t getting the proper nutrients through food, his coat will reflect it. Talk to your veterinarian to see if an upgrade in diet might be necessary.

See Your Veterinarian

If you still can’t get your dog’s shedding under control, it’s time to make an appointment at the vet’s office. Various medical issues, from parasitic infestation to skin infections to disease, could be the cause of your dog’s excessive shedding! You’ll want to have a professional take a look.

Contact your Veterinarians Plano, TX for further advice on canine grooming.

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