Exercise Opportunities for Your Indoor Cat

Cats can’t always be walked outdoors or trained to fetch the way their canine counterparts can. The question is, how do you get your cat the exercise she needs? Here, your Livonia, MI veterinarian offers a few helpful suggestions.

Cat Tower

Cat towers are great for allowing your cat to exercise herself, even when you’re not home. These structures give your cat platforms to jump between, and high vantage points from which to survey her domain. Many even come with built-in toys and scratching posts.


Of course, most cats will enjoy a good toy every now and then, and it’s a great way for your cat to get exercise. Cats tend to like toys that mimic prey animals, like mice or birds. A simple string dangling in their face will do, too!

Laser Light

Many cats go wild chasing that pesky red light that they just can’t seem to snag. Try using a laser toy to get your cat moving on a daily basis. Just make sure not to shine the light directly in your feline friend’s eyes.

Does your cat need veterinary attention? Set up an appointment with your vet clinic Livonia, MI for help from the professionals.

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