Exercise Tips for Your Indoor Cat

Do you keep your cat indoors? Good for you—cats are far safer indoors than out. The question is, how do you get your feline friend the exercise she needs? Find out below from a Wake Forest, NC veterinarian.



There are just no substituting good old-fashioned playthings and toys when it comes to exercise. Cats love batting around wand toys, fake mice and birds, or even a simple dangling string. They’re having fun, and burning calories at the same time! Ask your veterinary professional what sort of toys will work best for your cat.


Laser Light

Many cats adore laser light toys. These devices shine a laser dot wherever you point it, enticing your cat to chase after it endlessly. What your cat doesn’t realize is that they’re getting a great workout!


Cat Tower

Cat towers are great for allowing your feline friend to entertain herself and get in some good exercise while doing so. They offer tiered platforms for your cat to jump to and from, and many towers come with built-in scratching posts or toys. Visit your local pet shop to browse the selection.


Contact your Pet Clinic Wake Forest, NC for more advice on exercising your cat.

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