Exercising Your Feline Companion

Like many pets, our cats need regular exercise to stay healthy. Here, your Lafayette, LA veterinarian offers a few helpful suggestions on getting your cat a good workout.


What cat doesn’t love a good toy? Make sure your cat has plenty, and rotate the selection so that your feline friend doesn’t get bored. Cat towers are also helpful, and many come with toys and scratching posts built right in.

Laser Light

Many cats love darting around after the laser light that they just can’t seem to catch. What your cat doesn’t realize is that they’re getting great exercise in the process! Pick up a laser light at your local retail outlet or pet supply store; just make sure not to shine the light directly in your cat’s eyes.


Did you know that you can walk your cat outdoors? It will take time, patience, and a specialized harness, but it’s certainly possible. Some cats even come to look forward to walking on a daily basis! Talk to your vet to find out how to get started.

Your animal hospital Lafayette, LA is here when your pet needs a veterinary exam, vaccinations, or wellness treatment. Set up an appointment today!

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