Exotic Pets for Kids

Are you ready to get your child a pet, but aren’t looking for the major commitment of a cat or dog? An exotic pet may be the choice for you. Here, your Vancouver, BC vet tells you about a few good exotic pet choices for kids.

Small Lizards

Anole lizards are small, easy to care for, and don’t present a long-term commitment. Leopard geckos are another good choice—they’re often considered the quintessential “starter lizard.” Reptile pets need regular attention and particular dietary provisions, but they can make fascinating pets for children who are ready for the responsibility.


Fish may not be considered “exotic” by everyone, but they can make good pets for kids who understand their care requirements. Plus, they’re fascinating to watch swim around! Ask your veterinarian what types of fish will be right for you.

Hermit Crabs

Hermit crabs can’t exactly be cuddled or handled the way other pets can, but they make great first pets, especially for very young children. Kids will love examining the crabs’ fascinating shell patterns and colors! Talk to your vet for more information on hermit crab care.

Ask your veterinarian Vancouver, BC for more suggestions on exotic pets for kids.

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