Expectations for Senior Dogs

They’ve been your close friend for years. Now, your dog Scruffy is starting to change. Taking care of your dog in old age is much easier to do when you know what to expect. Check with your Greenville vet for the best information.


Is Scruffy not as eager to do things as he was when he was younger? Might it take him a little bit longer to get moving? Is he irritable? These can all be factors to look out for when your dog gets a little older, so check with your Greenville vet.


Is Scruffy snapping at you or at other things which may annoy him when he used to tolerate it? Is he visibly more angry or frustrated? He might actually have developed arthritis. Inflamed joints can be incredibly painful to deal with. If he’s slow going, check with your Greenville vet to see some ways to help him deal.

Dogs are our constant companions in life. Make sure you take the time to treat your dog well as he or she gets older. If you need any information on how to prepare, check with your animal hospital Greenville.

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