Exploring Your Cat’s Hairball Production

Have you ever witnessed your feline friend cough up a hairball? It certainly doesn’t look or sound pleasant, but it’s a part of life for the majority of our cats! In this article from a veterinarian Burlington, ON, learn more about your cat’s hairball production.

Why Do Hairballs Happen?

When Fluffy licks herself, loose hair is ingested. Most of that hair moves through your cat’s digestive tract and gets expelled in the feces. Some of it, however, remains in the gut and clumps together over time to form a hairball. Eventually, that hairball will be regurgitated.

Do Hairballs Hurt My Cat?

No, the occasional hairball doesn’t harm your cat. However, if you’re noticing that your cat is coughing up frequent hairballs, it’s time to see the vet. Something could be causing her to shed more than normal. Additionally, vomiting is not the same thing as coughing up a hairball. Any cat who is vomiting regularly should be examined at the vet’s office.

How Do I Help My Cat Produce Fewer Hairballs?

Brush your cat on a daily basis to trap loose fur, and feed her a top-notch diet to minimize shedding.

Call your animal hospital Burlington, ON to learn more.

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