FAQs on Veterinary Acupuncture

Acupuncture involves inserting needles into specific points on your pet’s body to produce a healing response. This technique has been used in so-called “Eastern” medicine for thousands of years, and it’s becoming more and more popular in modern Western medicine. Understandably, this technique raises a few questions for pet owners. Let’s take a look at some FAQs: 

Is acupuncture painful for my pet?

No, the procedure is virtually painless. The larger needles that are required for larger animals might cause a slight discomfort as they pass through the skin, but once they’re in place there is no pain whatsoever. Most pets become very relaxed and might even fall asleep! 

How can my pet benefit from acupuncture?

Pets can benefit from acupuncture in a variety of ways. It’s been shown to help with pain from musculoskeletal problems (arthritis, nerve injury, etc.), skin problems, diarrhea, reproductive issues, asthma, and much more. 

Is acupuncture safe?

When administered by a properly trained veterinary professional, acupuncture is very safe for your pet. Combined with other modes of healing, it’s proven to be very effective in a wide variety of pets! 

To learn more about this fascinating healing technique, get in touch with your local veterinarian Acupuncture.

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