Should I Feed my Cat Wet or Dry Food?

The Great Debate: Should my cat eat wet or dry food? This has been a point of contention for cat owners for years. Whereas both have their benefits, they serve slightly different purposes and lifestyles. Keep in mind that some cats will have very specific dietary constraints that will force one side or another. But for cats not experiencing one of these problems, which one is really better? Always check first with your Marietta vet clinic.

The Big Differences

One of the more obvious differences between wet and dry cat food is the amount of water that’s contained. Dry food isn’t actually 100% dry (it contains about a 10% water level, mainly from moisture). Wet cat food on the other hand maintains roughly a 78% water-level that is closer to the those seen by feline prey in the wild. Furthermore, the composition of the food is fairly different. Your Marietta vet will know what’s best. Dry food contains a higher level of carbohydrate and cellulose from some of the plant material involved in its making.

How it Affects Your Cat

Cats, as opposed to dogs, are definitively carnivorous mammals. This means that almost everything they consume is meat. Cats will sometimes consume other elements in nature – such as what is found in its prey’s stomach – but these things aren’t the primary source that felines pursue. Furthermore, cats need a higher concentration of taurine in their food, a substance found abundantly in animal protein. This means that the animal protein makeup of the food is important. Check with your Marietta vet for protein needs.

What Else is There

There is a saying that the very best dry food is better than the very worst wet food. This is because what really matters either way is the composition of the food. To determine this, simply read the ingredients. The food which has more filler is going to be hands down the inferior food. This is true throughout the spectrum. Also, ask your Marietta vet about how to prevent chemical additives in your cat’s food.

In the end, the most important factor is the ingredients. Some cats end up being picky (as do their canine friends). So, that might also play a role in determining what kind of food your cat will eat. Sometimes, if a cat has a tendency toward dehydration, it will be more advantageous to give it wet food so as to ensure the increase in water consumption. Some owners use both to ensure their cat gets enough food throughout the day. Ask your Marietta vet about the best food schedule.

Whatever you decide, make sure that you consult your Marietta vet for the most up to date information regarding your cat’s diet. If you want more information, check out your Marietta vet clinic.

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