Feeding an Elderly Cat

As your cat gets on in life, he or she has different needs – no different from you or me. But what are those special needs and concerns and who can help? Always keep in mind that your Aurora vet clinic is only a phone call away!

Talk to Your Vet

As your cat gets on in years, make sure that the relationship with your Aurora vet clinic is sound. They will be able to tell you when things need to be changed or shifted as far as diet is concerned. There is much discussion as to whether or not the macronutrient needs change, so make sure to keep informed from your Aurora vet clinic.

Curbing Obesity

It’s also essential to make sure that you get in enough exercise for you aging cat in order to maximize its health. Keep in mind that, just like humans, older cats will have less energy and will often gain weight as result. Check with your Aurora vet clinic to make sure that your cat is eating the right amount as well as ideas for play.

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