Feline Expressions

There’s no doubt that cats do simply adorable things. But did you know that they can also communicate a good deal of information using some of their most adorable expressions? For the best information, contact your Fort Collins vet.

Cats’ ears have over 32 muscles! This means that they can direct them in any which way and can also use them to express themselves. Think of their ears as little radar dishes – or more accurately, sonar. They are using their ears to determine what’s around their surroundings and thus might not be 100% secure. If they are down or back, it probably means that they are scared or concerned. Ask your Fort Collins vet for more information about what their ears can tell you.

Paying attention to your cat’s body language can significantly help strengthen your bond. It can help you get to know and anticipate their needs. Check with your Pet clinic Fort Collins for more.


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