Finding Lost Pets

It’s scary to think about your pet out there in the cold, wandering alone. Who knows what they could get into? No at-home solution for keeping your pet inside is 100% fool proof. There are some options, though, which can significantly increase the chances that your pet will be found. For more, ask your Thorold vet clinic.

Microchipping is by far the best way to find your pet. Your Thorold vet clinic and most other vets will have the technology to implant a microchip with your pet’s information into a central database. Then, if your pet is lost and picked up as a stray, a simple scan will reveal who he or she is and where he or she belongs. Sometimes our pets can make it a long way away. Microchipping significantly increases the chances they will be found and returned home safe. For more, ask your vet clinic Thorold.

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