Fitness for Pets

One of the most important factors for the health of your pets is their level of exercise. But if your dog or cat live indoors, how can they get enough? For more counsel, ask your Indianapolis vet for more information. Here are a few ideas for basic dogs and cats who live indoors.


Cats are going to be slightly more of a challenge because you can’t simply put them on a leash and take them for a walk as you can with a dog. However, they can be easier because they are so independent. Play with your cat to encourage it to exercise. Also, make sure there are obstacles throughout your home for your cat to negotiate. If you have any other concerns, check with your Indianapolis vet.


For dogs, it’s important that you be active too. Take them for a walk for a half hour each day. It is important that you keep them moving. If you have other concerns, make sure to ask your Indianapolis vet.

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