Food for your Puppy

Puppies are adorable but they can sometimes be difficult to figure out in terms of the specifics of diet. Thankfully, our Vancouver vet clinic is there for any specific concerns you might have. Here are some quick tips for keeping your pup fed and healthy.

Know when to Wean

Puppies typically wean from their mother’s milk fairly quickly, somewhere around four weeks. If you’re unsure about the age of your puppy – especially if you got him or her from a shelter, ask your Vancouver vet clinic, and check up on the best food.

Keep the Toys Tasty

Tasty toys for weaning puppies will help the transition. Sometimes, they will play with their food in the beginning, something completely normal for weaning pups. All you should do for this is get plenty of video – this adorable act doesn’t last long! If you have any questions, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.

This is such a great time to really engage with your pup. They are precious and will grow fast. Make sure that their tummies are full and enjoy the time. For any questions, check with your Vancouver vet clinic.


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