Gardening Safety Tips for Pet Owners

As the weather warms, you’ll likely be spending more time outdoors with your pet. If you like gardening, it’s important to keep a few safety tips in mind. Learn more below from a vet in Savannah, GA.

Toxic Plants and Flowers

There are all sorts of plants and flowers that aren’t good for pets, including dieffenbachia, lilies, elephant ear, oleander, various aloe plants, daffodils, tulips, ivy, and azalea, among many others. Don’t plant something dangerous in your landscaping or garden! Consult the ASPCA’s site for a full list of toxic and non-toxic plants.

Pesticides, Fertilizer

Chemical products like fertilizers and pesticides are not safe for pets. Keep your animal companion indoors when spraying chemicals, and don’t let them come in contact with freshly treated grass or plants. Store these products safely where pets won’t be able to reach.

Sharp Tools

Plenty of sharp gardening tools can harm a pet—or a human family member—who doesn’t see them lying in the grass. It’s safest to store clippers, hedge trimmers, rakes, tillers, shovels, and the like in the shed or garage where they belong!

For more tips on outdoor pet safety, contact your animal hospital Savannah, GA. We’re here for you!

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