Gerbil Habitat

When getting an alternative pet such as a gerbil, there are several considerations to make when trying to determine the type of environment to put them in. For the best advice, check with your Thorold veterinarian.


For the most part, there are many options for cages. One is the standard wire cage. The other is a class container. The third is the Tube Cage which offers expansion to different areas and colorful patterns. Keep in mind that the more gerbils you keep, the bigger this needs to be. Check with your Thorold veterinarian with any size questions.


Gerbils need a few inches of bedding at the bottom of their habitat. They also require a water bottle that can provide a steady source for their needs. Finally, they need to have food available which they can access readily.

Make sure to clean out the cage and replace the bedding every week or so. Don’t clean too much though as this can actually create more stress for your gerbils. Happy gerbils live longer lives. For more information, contact your animal hospital thorold.


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