Getting Your Dog to Take His Pill

It’s a safe bet that your dog will have to swallow a pill at one point or another in life. Of course, getting your pooch to actually swallow the pill can be quite tricky! Use your vet Lansing, MI advice to give your dog the medication he needs.

The Hiding Method

Most pills can be hidden in the center of a glob of wet dog food or wrapped up in a roll of lean deli meat. Your dog will most likely gobble it up without ever realizing what’s inside. Check with your vet to make sure your dog’s medicine is safe to be given with food.

Crushing the Pill

Try crushing your dog’s pill and sprinkling it over food or stirring it into your dog’s meal. Check with your vet first, though—some pills can be made ineffective when crushed, or it can introduce too much medicine to your dog’s immune system at one time.

Tossing Trick

If your dog likes catching food in mid-air, try tricking him into taking his pill. Toss a few treats, then the pill. With luck, your dog won’t even notice the difference!

Call your veterinarian Lansing, MI for help administering your dog’s pill medication.

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