Giving Your Cat a Pill

Do you own a cat? You probably know that it’s easier said than done to give your feline friend a pill. Here, your Louisville, CO veterinarian offers a few helpful tips.

Hide in Food

Unless your cat’s medication is specifically made to be given on an empty stomach, it’s probably easiest to simply hide the pill inside a glob of wet cat food or inside of a soft cat treat. You can also try rolling up a slice of deli meat and feeding it to your cat with the pill inside.


Sometimes, you can grind up a pill and sprinkle it over food. Ask your vet before doing this, though—it’s possible that medication could be rendered ineffective when crushed. Even more frightening, time-released pills, which are made to be released slowly, may introduce an overdose of medication to your pet if ground up.

Chewable/Flavored Pills

Did you know that some pills come in chewable and/or flavored varieties? Pets tend to gobble these up, as they’re usually formulated to taste like a treat. Ask your veterinarian if your cat’s medication happens to come in such a form.

Need more help with your cat’s medication? Call your Louisville, CO vet.

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