Giving Your Indoor Cat Proper Exercise

Indoor cats are, on the whole, much safer than cats who are allowed to roam outdoors. Unfortunately, they’re also more likely to gain weight! Use these tips from your Flushing, NY veterinarian to exercise your indoor cat on a regular basis:

Cat Tower

Purchase a cat tower structure from your local pet supply shop or retail outlet. These items feature multiple platforms that your cat can climb to and from, and many have built-in toys and scratching posts. They’re a great way for your cat to exercise, even when you’re not home!


The vast majority of cats love chasing around a dangling string or a fake mice or bird toy. Not only does this provide your feline friend with hours of fun, it’s a great way for them to burn calories. Use toys to play with your cat on a daily basis.

Laser Light

Many cats love chasing around a laser light—this is a great way to give your feline friend a high-impact workout in the comfort of your own home. Just make sure not to shine the laser in your cat’s eyes!

Want more tips for exercising your cat? Call your vet clinic Flushing, NY office for help.

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