Great DIY Dog Toys

The expenses of owning a dog can really add up! Everyone is looking for small ways to save. One great way to save is with DIY dog toys! These toys can be fashioned out of pretty much anything. Make sure and check with your Niagara Falls vet for safety concerns. Here are a few toys now:

  1. Rope in Ball

Take a tennis ball and cut a hole on each end. Then, pull through a length of rope the ideal size for your dog’s mouth. He’ll love it!

  1. Unstuffed Toy

Take an old stuffed animal or buy a cheap one at a Goodwill store. Then, remove the stuffing and stitch it back together. Check with your Niagara Falls vet to ensure safety.

  1. Old Socks

Any old sock you have ends up being the greatest find of the year for your dog. Instead of throwing them out, simply toss one to your dog to keep him occupied for weeks. Ask your Niagara Falls vet for more information.

Let your creativity know no bounds when finding great toys for your dogs. Ask your Niagara Falls vet for more ideas on how to save.


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