Great Reasons to Adopt an Older Pet

Are you considering adopting a pet soon? Remember: a puppy or kitten isn’t your only option! Older pets need loving homes, too. Below, your Savannah, GA vet tells you about just a few great reasons to adopt an older pet.

Manners and Training

Since many older pets may have already lived with human families, they likely already know commands or tricks. You don’t have to worry about potty training, preventing your new pet from chewing furniture and shoes, etc.

Energy Level

Let’s face it—puppies and kittens are rambunctious. They need 24-hour supervision to make sure they don’t get into trouble! With an older pet, you won’t have to keep up with an energetic animal all day long. Your older companion will likely be content to relax for most of the day (and night!).

Save a Life

Of course, the benefit of any adoption is obvious: you’re saving a life! In the case of older pets, you’re giving a loving home to an animal who may otherwise not have one.

Does your new addition need a veterinary check-up? We’re here to help with all of your most important pet-care needs! Schedule an appointment today at your veterinary clinic Savannah, GA.

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