Guinea Pig Care 101

Guinea pigs make wonderful little pets; are you considering adding one to your ranks in the near future? Here, your Michigan City, IN veterinarian goes over the basics that you’ll need to know for keeping your pig happy and healthy.

The Cage

Guinea pigs will need a wire-mesh or glass cage that is large enough to accommodate food dishes, a water dispenser, toys, hiding huts, and other necessities. The bottom must be solid to contain your pet’s bedding material, which should be scooped out and changed weekly.

The Diet

Guinea pigs eat a commercial pellet diet, but it’s supplemented with a constant supply of timothy hay as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. Ask your veterinarian about what sorts of fruits and veggies work best; cucumbers, carrots, lettuce, apple slices, and bits of kiwi are a few good options.

Handling Your Pet

Some guinea pigs can be skittish at first, especially if they’re not used to being handled by humans. Be patient, and don’t force it; this will only scare your pet further. Feel free to consult your vet for more tips on handling your guinea pig.

Does your new addition need a check-up? Call your vet Michigan City, IN.

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