Hairball Basics for New Cat Owners

Are you the new owner of a cat? Hairballs are something you’ll most likely have to deal with! Here, learn about the basics of hairballs from a veterinarian Frisco, TX.

What’s a Hairball?

When a cat grooms herself, tiny barbs on her tongue pick up loose hair from the coat. Most of this hair moves through the digestive tract and is expelled in the feces; some of it, though remains in the gut. That hair forms into a ball and is eventually regurgitated.

Are Hairballs Safe?

Yes, the occasional hairball is a normal part of life for your cat and is perfectly safe, however unsightly it may seem. However, if a cat is coughing up hairballs frequently, it’s time to see the vet. Additionally, if your cat is retching and gagging but not producing a hairball, she may be choking—rush your pet to the emergency room.

Can I Reduce Hairballs?

Brushing your cat regularly will go a long way toward minimizing hairballs. Also make sure to feed your cat a high-quality diet to keep the skin and fur healthy and reduce shedding.

For more tips on your cat’s grooming or healthcare needs, contact your pet clinic Frisco, TX today.

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