Hairball Season

Warm weather means it’s shedding season for cats – and shedding means hairballs! Is there any way to avoid them? If your cat frequently has hairballs, talk to your San Jose, CA vet clinic about what you can do.


Cats get hairballs through the process of grooming themselves. They swallow loose hair, and it can sometimes collect in their stomachs until they throw it up. Long-haired cats are especially prone to hairballs, and they’re no fun to clean up!  If you aren’t sure why your cat is getting sick, ask your San Jose, CA vet clinic.


Symptoms of hairballs include gagging and throwing up. A loss of appetite and problems using the litterbox can also result from hairballs. However, these symptoms can have other causes, so ask your San Jose, CA vet clinic what may be causing them.


Brushing your cat regularly reduces the risk of hairballs. Some types of cat food are formulated to reduce the risk, also. There are also some medications available. Talk to your pet clinic San Jose, CA about the best option for your cat.

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