Hairballs 101 for New Cat Owners

Are you the new owner of a cat? One thing you’ll have to contend with is hairballs. They’re a part of life for just about every cat, and their owners as well! Your vet London, ON goes over the basics in this article.

What Causes Hairballs?

When your cat grooms herself, tiny barbs on the tongue pick up loose hair from the coat, which your cat swallows. Most of that hair is expelled through the fecal matter, but some remains in the stomach. It clumps together into a hairball, which your cat regurgitates eventually.

Are Hairballs Safe?

Yes, the occasional hairball is perfectly normal and safe for your cat. However, if you notice that your cat is producing a lot of hairballs, or if they seem to suddenly be coughing up hairballs frequently, it’s time to call the vet. Also, if your cat is retching and gagging without producing anything, rush them to the vet’s office—your pet might be choking!

What Can I Do to Cut Down on Hairballs?

Brush your cat every day; this traps loose fur in the brush itself. Feed Fluffy a high-quality diet to reduce shedding.

Learn more by calling your veterinary clinic London, ON.

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