Hamster Care 101

Are you thinking of adopting a hamster in the near future? These little critters make great pets! Below, learn about the basics of your new pet’s care needs from an Aurora, CO veterinary professional.


Your hamster will need a roomy, secure cage with enough space for his food and water dishes, huts and hiding spots, and an exercise wheel. It must have a solid bottom to accommodate your hamster’s bedding material.


Your hamster’s cage will be lined with a shaving material that serves as a bedding. Try to use one that’s made of plant-based material or a safe wood-shaving compound; ask your vet to recommend a good choice that will control odors but is completely safe for your new pet.


Purchase a commercial hamster diet for your pet; this will make up the bulk of his diet. Don’t hesitate to ask your veterinarian for a recommendation on a great choice. You can also supplement your hamster’s diet with fresh vegetables like carrots and broccoli.

Does your hamster need veterinary care? Would you like to know more about your pocket pet’s care needs and behavior? We’re here for you! Set up an appointment with your vets Aurora, CO.

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