Happy Dog, Healthy Dog

We all want to make sure that our dogs are as happy as they can be. Canines make intensely loyal pets and outstanding living companions. In fact, studies have shown that dog owners live longer than non-dog owners and have lower stress. So, besides checking with your Livonia vet, what can you do to make sure your dog stays healthy?

  1. Make Time for Them

Your dog will do most anything for your love and affection. Taking the time to play releases endorphins within the dog’s brain. Play also keeps them focused and engaging.

  1. Physical Touch

Dogs are very tactile animals. They always want you to pet them or hold them (for the smaller ones). A scratch behind the ears can move mountains!

  1. Treats

“What? Treats?” Your dog will run blind with joy all over at even the mention of tasty delights. Ask your Livonia vet for the best treats to match your dog’s diet. ask your Livonia vet for details.

Taking a little time each and every day will add years to your pet’s life. For other tips on keeping your dog happy, check with your vets Livonia.

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