Health Issues for the Elderly

There are many possible conditions that can affect your dog as it gets older. It’s important to anticipate and prepare for them so as to ensure that they don’t get worse as they age. For the best advice, check with your Olathe vet clinic.

Joint Pain

It’s very common for older dogs to slow down due to joint pain. Inflammation in the elbows and shoulders are common. In some cases, medication might be necessary. For the best way to treat this, check with your Olathe vet clinic.

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

The best way to prevent this – or at least to stave it off – is to brush your dog’s teeth every day. Regular brushing will keep plaque off of your dog’s teeth and will make them more resilient in preventing gum disease. For more about dental care, check with your Olathe vet clinic.

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