Heartworm in Dogs

Heartworm is one of the most dangerous health concerns out there for our canine friends. It’s far easier to prevent the issue than treat it! Here, your Frisco, TX veterinarian tells you more.

Why is Prevention Important?

Treatment of a heartworm infestation can take months, and it’s not guaranteed to cure your dog—some dogs don’t survive if the infestation is not caught early! Plus, the treatment process itself is risky, as killing off adult worms in the body can obstruct blood flow through your dog’s veins. Prevention, on the other hand, doesn’t pose any of these risks!

What’s Heartworm Medicine Like?

Heartworm medications come in a variety of forms. A topical gel is common, which is applied directly to your dog’s skin once a month. Chewable tablets and pills are also very common, and there are even injectable heartworm preventatives that can be administered at the vet’s office.

How Do I Get Started?

Do you have further questions about heartworms and your dog? Is your dog in need of preventative medicines to keep heartworms at bay? We’re here to help! Set up an appointment right away with your animal hospital Frisco, TX to get your dog the proper preventatives.

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