Help to Calm Your Dog’s Thunderstorm Anxiety

Is your dog frightened of thunderstorms? Many of our canine companions aren’t fond of storms. And it’s possible that they can sense changes in air pressure and static electricity levels in addition to the scary booms and flashes! Learn how to help your dog in this article from a veterinarian Washington DC.


Some dogs can simply be distracted from the bad weather that’s going on outside. It’s especially effective on puppies and young dogs! Try enticing your pup with a favorite toy or a few tasty treats—there’s a chance your dog will be so distracted he won’t even notice the storm outside.

Safe Zone

Create a safe zone for your dog in a quiet basement or laundry room, outfitted with a soft bed, blankets, and a few familiar toys. Lead your pooch to this area when a storm rolls in and stay with him there until the bad weather has passed.

Veterinary Help

If your dog has serious anxiety issues and creates havoc during thunderstorms, you might want to seek veterinary help. Anxiety medication, professional training and behavior modification, and other techniques might be useful.

Set up your dog’s next office appointment with your vet clinic Washington DC.

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