Help Your Cat to Lose Weight

Is your feline friend looking a little plump around the edges? Experts say that nearly half of all domesticated cats are overweight. Use your San Antonio, TX vet’s tips to help your cat lose weight:


Cats who overeat will need to change their dietary habits. Put your cat on a diet by controlling portion size and scheduling regular mealtimes. Ask your vet how to begin. Some cats will need to start eating an entirely different food to help them lose weight; again, your vet can recommend a type of food and help you get started.


Any cat who is overweight will need to exercise. Play with your cat daily, using toys to get her moving. Just about any cat enjoys chasing after a laser light or a piece of yarn. Just make sure you don’t leave small items lying around on the floor after playtime, as cats could choke.

Treat Protocol

Are you in the habit of giving your cat treats on a whim, for no real reason? Try to limit treats to the very occasional indulgence to avoid empty calories.

Do you need help with your cat’s weight loss program? Let your Animal Hospital San Antonio, TX know.

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