Helping Your Cat’s Behavior Issues

There are many unique behaviors that cats have which seem on the surface strange to people. It could be something as cliche as scratching on furniture to something more out of the ordinary, such as a refusal to use the litter box.

In any event, both of these behaviors can have some simple solutions.

Case 1 – Scratching furniture, tearing curtains, general destruction:

Scratching is how they explore their environments. Although it might seem like something random or that they scratch everything, there is usually a “scratch preference” that the cat has. Is it the carpet? Wood? A coat hanging behind the door? Once you have ascertained the source of your furry companion’s actions, it will be easier to find a replacement.

Most pet stores have all sorts of scratching stations. Also, check them out online. Take some time to see what most fits the situation you have at hand and get creative. In many cases, solving this problem will require you to be as cunning as your cats, but the effort will pay off and your leather couch will thank you!

Case 2 – Going to the bathroom outside of the litter box:

This instance can have a much deeper root and there are many causes. If your cat is flat out avoiding the litter box altogether, then it could be the litter box itself. Your cat might not like the type of kitty litter you use. Experiment with different types and combinations here to find the best solution.

Keep in Mind

There are other possibilities, too. If your cat is regularly going to the bathroom in different areas of the house, it could be an indicator of a more serious medical condition. It is important that if there is even a hint of a problem with your cat (and not the litter box or its location) then contact your vet immediately! They are cuddly and lovable, but sometimes they exhibit behaviors that are trying to signal that there’s a problem.

As usual, the biggest piece of advice is: keep a close watch on them! Since they can’t simply talk like your children would, they can’t always let you know there’s a problem. You are the best detector of when there’s a problem. Only you can ensure that your feline friend is as comfortable as possible.

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