Helping Your Cat Cough Up Fewer Hairballs

No one likes to deal with the mess of a hairball. Unfortunately, it’s a part of life for most cat owners! Here are three tips from a vet Aurora, CO for reducing the number of hairballs your cat coughs up:

Proper Diet

One of the simplest ways to help your cat experience fewer hairballs is to feed her a great diet. When your cat’s skin and hair follicles stay healthy, she sheds less—that means she swallows less hair while grooming herself, ultimately reducing hairballs. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a high-quality diet choice.

Great Grooming

Brush your cat on a daily basis. This traps loose fur in the brush itself, meaning that your cat swallows far less and therefore regurgitates less in the form of hairballs. It also spreads essential skin oils through the coat, reducing shedding at the outset. What’s not to love?

Digestive Lubricants

For cats who produce a particularly high number of hairballs, digestive lubricants may be used to help hair move through the digestive tract more smoothly. Ask your vet for a recommendation.

Call your animal hospital Aurora, CO today to learn more about your cat’s grooming needs. We’re always here to help!

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