Helping Your Cat Lose Weight

Is your feline friend looking a little pudgy? Nearly half of all domesticated cats are overweight! Obesity is dangerous and costly, so it’s time to help your cat lose those extra pounds. Learn more here from a Las Vegas, NV vet.

Portion Control

Ask your veterinarian about the proper portion size for your cat. Overfeeding is one of the leading causes of obesity amongst cats. Free-feeding is a particular problem, which means leaving food out at all times for your cat to eat as she pleases. Instead, give your cat measured amounts of food for every meal.

Diet Upgrade

Is your cat receiving a “budget” diet? If so, she’s getting a lot of empty calories. It’s time to upgrade Fluffy’s food to a high-quality diet that suits her age and breed. Talk to your vet to get a recommendation.


There’s no way that your cat will lose weight without some form of physical activity. Get your cat moving on a daily basis—play with toys, have her chase around a laser light, or provide a cat tower structure for her to jump and climb on.

Need help getting your cat to lose weight? Call your veterinarian Las Vegas, NV.

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