Helping Your Pet Lose Extra Pounds

Is your pet looking a bit chubby? Nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are overweight! If your pet needs to lose extra pounds, use these tips from a veterinarian Murrieta, CA to get started:

Portion Control

Many pets just need a measured portion size to start getting their weight under control. Ask your vet what serving size will work best for your animal companion, and begin measuring portions. Remove any uneaten food after about 20 minutes so that your pet doesn’t overeat.

Diet Choice

Sometimes, a pet is receiving a food that just isn’t up to par. Does your pet’s diet need an upgrade? Consult your veterinarian to get a recommendation on a great food choice that suits your pet’s age and size. Your animal friend will thank you!


Don’t forget about exercise; it’s an essential part of your pet’s weight-loss program. Get your pet moving on a daily basis via brisk walks and vigorous play sessions. A few minutes of physical activity, several times per day, will be necessary for your pet to start shedding those excess pounds!

Do you need help with your pet’s weight loss? Call your animal hospital Murrieta, CA to learn more.

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