Helping Your Pet Lose Weight

Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated cats and dogs are considered overweight? It’s likely that your pet could stand to shed a few pounds! Use these tips from a Savannah, GA vet if your pet should lose weight.

Veterinary Visit

Before doing anything else, set up an appointment to see your vet. Your pet will need to lose weight the right way; in fact, dropping too much weight in a short period of time can actually be harmful! Working together, you and your vet will come up with a tailored weight-loss plan that is right for your particular pet.


Sometimes, simple portion control is all that’s needed to help a pet lose weight. Consult your vet or look on your pet food’s packaging for portion-control directions. In other cases, a pet may need to eat an entirely new food; ask your vet to recommend a good brand.


Coupled with the proper diet, regular exercise will be key when it comes to helping your pet drop those excess pounds. Go on walks, jog around the backyard, or play with toys to help your pet burn calories.

Call your Vets Savannah, GA office for more weight-loss advice.

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