Helping Your Rabbit Lose Weight

Like other domesticated pets, rabbits are susceptible to obesity. Since obesity can lead to other serious health problems if not dealt with, an obese rabbit must lose weight promptly. If you suspect your bunny is packing on the pounds, don’t wait to act.

Visit Your Vet

Pay a visit to your North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian. He or she can examine your rabbit and determine if they are truly overweight. From there, a weight management plan can be created and implemented.

Diet and Exercise

There is no substitute for a proper diet and regular exercise when it comes to losing weight, and rabbits are no exception. Your veterinarian will help you modify your pet’s diet and portion sizes and can recommend an exercise schedule to adhere to daily.

Preventing Obesity

Of course, preventing obesity is much easier than treating it later. To keep your rabbit at a healthy weight, feed them a high-quality pellet food and supplement the diet with proper portions of fresh vegetables. Be sure to take your rabbit out of their enclosure regularly and allow them to move around.

If you have any questions about your rabbit’s diet or activity level, let your vet North Phoenix, AZ.

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