When Hiking with Your Dog

Hiking is such great exercise. Great air, beautiful scenery, and wonderful memories are all things that could only be made better by including your dog. Dogs tend to enjoy hiking as well, getting back to nature and having a place to roam. But what sorts of things do you need for your dog when hiking? For more information, check with your Greenville vet clinic.


Pack enough food for your dog. Just like you get hungry when burning all of those extra calories, so does Scruffy! A sandwich bag of food should be enough for a half day hike. If you end up going out for several days, many places have special dog packs so they can carry their own food. For more, check with your Greenville vet clinic.

Water and Bowl

Whereas most everyone remembers the water, new hikers sometimes forget to bring a bowl so their companion can drink as well. If you forget, don’t worry, you can use your cupped palm as an impromptu bowl. For more information, ask your animal hospital Greenville.

Check with your Greenville vet clinic to make sure that your dog is healthy enough for distance hiking. Enjoy!

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