Hiking with Dogs

Dogs can be the perfect hiking companion, but there are a few things you need to know before taking them along. Your Oceanside, CA vet clinic can help prepare your dog to stay healthy while in the great outdoors.


Your dog will need to be up-to-date on his vaccinations before going hiking, since he may encounter wild animals and insects on the trail. Visit your Oceanside, CA vet clinic before you take your trip.


Make sure the trail you’ve chosen allows dogs, and see whether or not they need to be leashed. Make sure you pack everything your dog will need for the hike, including food, water and medicine. You may want to pack tweezers in case he picks up ticks, and bandages in case of a wound. Ask your Oceanside, CA vet clinic what else they recommend that you bring.


Your dog will need to build up his strength before a long hike. Start with short, easy trails and work up to longer, more strenuous ones. After a hike, take your dog to see your  veterinarian Oceanside, CA to make sure he’s feeling okay and doesn’t have any scrapes or bruises.

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