Hot Weather Safety Tips for Your Pet

As summer arrives, it’s important to keep your pet’s safety in mind. You don’t want them to experience a dangerous case of heatstroke! Here, your Warminster, PA vet gives you three basic tips for your pet’s safety:

Limit Outdoor Time

As a general rule, don’t leave your pet outdoors for long periods of time in the summer months. You’re only inviting dehydration and heatstroke! Try exercising your pet in the cooler morning or evening hours, when the sun isn’t highest in the sky and temperatures aren’t at their peak.

Provide Water

Water is essential for every pet during the summertime, whether they’re spending time indoors or outside. Ensure that your animal companion has a dish of cool, fresh water to drink from at all times. Check the bowl often to see if you need to refill it.

Consider Sunscreen

Were you aware that pets can get sunburnt, too? It’s most likely to happen on areas that aren’t totally covered by fur, like the nose tip or ear edges. Use a canine- or feline-formulated sunscreen to prevent burns; ask your vet for a recommendation on such a product.

Call your Warminster, PA veterinarian’s office for more hot-weather safety tips for pets.

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