Housebreaking a New Dog

Most of the time, housebreaking is geared toward puppies. But with rescue animals becoming more and more popular, sometimes it is necessary to housebreak an older dog as well. For the best information and advice on this, contact your Vancouver vet.

Positive Reinforcement

It’s important to make sure that you praise your new dog a lot when they do things correctly. Potty training is no different. When your dog scratches on the door to go out, praise him and take him out immediately. As your Vancouver vet would tell you, never punish a dog after the fact. Due to a short memory, they will have no idea as to why they are being punished.

Gentle Corrective Training

A spray bottle or a rattle can be used to get your dog’s attention, but only if you catch them in the act. Be very gentle and do not startle your furry friend. If they stop, praise them and take them outside immediately. Ask your Vancouver vet for more.

Potty training can be troublesome. The biggest part of it is being consistent. Don’t give up hope! For the best tricks, talk to your Vancouver vet.


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