How Often to Bathe Your Dog

Bath time is an important part of your canine friend’s grooming routine. It keeps your pup clean, and makes the coat shiny, smooth, and soft. But how often should you bathe Fido? Read on as your Plano, TX veterinarian tells you how often to bathe depending on breed, activity level, and medical considerations.


Ask your vet how often your dog should be bathed depending on breed. Dogs with droopy skin rolls like English bulldogs and basset hounds might need more bathing than usual, as could long-haired dogs like collies or shelties.

Activity Level

Is your dog active outdoors frequently? Dogs who tend to get into mud, dirt, pollen, brush, etc. will probably need more frequent baths than those who remain indoors most of the time. It’s good to get this grime off of your dog’s coat before it starts causing problems—remember to use a canine-formulated shampoo!

Medical Considerations

Don’t bathe your dog if you think they have a skin infection or other medical issue. Instead, contact your vet. Remember that dogs with skin trouble or parasitic infestations might need bathed with special medicated shampoos.

For more information on Fido’s bath time, call your vets Plano, TX. We’re here to help!

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