How Old is Spot?

Determining the age of your pet is incredibly important. This applies more to rescues and strays than anything else, but this knowledge is essential in order for you to determine what your dog needs. So just how do you determine the age of your dog? For starters, make sure and check with your Marietta vet. Only a veterinarian can help to make the best determination.

Paw Size

For some breeds, you can determine an adolescent dog by the ratio of its paw size to the rest of its body. The same can sometimes be true of the head and ears. Always ask your Marietta vet for the best information.


Older pets are going to have bigger and more worn down teeth. In addition, they will often have more instances of tooth decay and gum disease. This is because plaque builds up over time and can make them more vulnerable. Ask your Marietta vet for more information.

Your dog’s age will determine the sort of care he or she needs. It’s essential information for your Marietta vet to have. But don’t fear. If you aren’t entirely sure, they will help you find out.

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