How Owning a Pet Improves Your Health

Owning a pet is a great experience; your companion provides loyalty, love, and plenty of fun. Did you know that pet ownership can also improve your health? Learn more in this article from a London, ON vet.


When you take your dog on a walk, he’s not the only one getting good exercise—so are you! Playtime and walks are great for humans as well as pets. Even our feline friends can be taken on walks, but it’s important to use a specialized cat harness and leash.

Lower Stress Level

Studies have shown that people who own pets tend to be less stressed than those who don’t. Maybe that’s because a wagging tail or a throaty purr at the end of a long day is quite comforting!

Better Heart Health

On the whole, people who own pets have better heart health than non-pet owners. This could be because of the combination of the above factors—less stress and more exercise! Pet-owning heart attack survivors also tend to live longer than heart attack survivors who don’t own pets.

Do you have questions about your pet’s veterinary care? We’re always here to help. Call your pet clinic London, ON right away.

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